Get to Know and its Missionaries

About GapFill was founded in 2009 in response to over 25 years of “filling in the gap” for Christian missionaries in need. is a true grass-roots 501(c)3 nonprofit that is still “growing its roots”. The founders, Bill and Joyce, have been involved with missionary projects and sending items to needed missionaries for over 25 years. Items and projects have ranged from helping to build a steel bridge in Papua New Guinea, to new shoes for missionary children. However, most of the items were everything in between including equipping over a dozen schools with chalkboards and supplies, new computers and hard drives for missionaries, and solar tablets for native Bible translation workers. Sending needed items to missionaries was a small way to “fill in the gap” to keep mission work moving forward.

Currently, GapFill has grown to where the needs are greater than Bill and Joyce (who still work jobs outside of GapFill in order to fund GapFill projects) are able to do on their own, which is where you come in. GapFill connects donors with items needed from missionaries, just one small way to “fill in the gap”. GapFill believes that these Christian missionaries are the “hands and feet” of Jesus and are living examples of Isaiah 52:7, “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!” (NLT)

We would love for you to partner with us as we help support these Christian messengers. Review the “Items Needed” tab on this website. Items are changing all the time.

Thanks in advance for helping us “further God’s work….one gap at a time”.

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  1. God is amazing!

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